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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Aloha and welcome to our practice. At Vision Care Centers of Hawaii we take pride in giving you personal attention to satisfy your eye care needs. We are open six days a week and offer "Same Day Service" when you need it. We provide complete eye care for both adults and children. Our Comprehensive Eye Exams include testing for refraction, tonometry (eye pressure for glaucoma), color vision, Visual Field Testing, depth perception (binocular fusion), and slit lamp examination with pupil dilation for assessment of your eye health. All offices maintain the latest retinal imaging devices including Retinal Fundus Cameras, and Optical Coherence Tomography Stratus OCTand GDX Laser Scanners.

One hour should be alloted for your comprehensive eye examination.
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Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT) is a diagnostic test that allows for the imaging and measurement of retinal thickness. OCT is very useful in detecting retinal swelling or fluid accumulation secondary to a variety of retinal conditions. It provides very valuable information and is also useful for following the response to a treatment. OCT testing has become a standard of care for the assessment and treatment of most retinal conditions. OCT uses rays of light to measure retinal thickness and can be performed in a few minutes. No radiation or x–rays are used in this test.

The OCT is an optical instrument that allows your eye doctor to view the layers of your retina and optic nerve to detect signs of Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Swelling of the Optic Nerve or Macula and other sight threatening conditions.
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Contact Lenses

We have been fitting specialty contact lenses for years and have seen some incredible changes in that time. By far the most exciting changes have occurred in the last few years.
The Gas-permeable lens materials available today far surpass those available just a few years ago in terms of eye health and comfort.
We carry a full line of the latest soft contact lenses available including bifocal, astigmatism correcting and Colored Contact Lenses to satisfy your needs. We are happy to answer any of your Questions About Contact Lenses.
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Optical Dispensing

At Vision Care Centers of Hawaii our optical laboratory has the latest equipment to not only fabricate your eyeglasses, but to maintain and repair them should they become broken or damaged. We are able to tint, UV coat, and edge spectacle lenses. We are able to provide you with the latest frame or lens designs available including Anti-reflection coated lenses, Sunglasses, and Safety Eyewear . Our highly qualified assistants are able to adjust and fit your glasses to you for extended comfort and vision.

We offer a wide variety of Fashion Adult and Childrens' Eyewear and can advise you on the newest safety features in frames and lenses, as well as Sports Eyewear available today.
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Laser Vision Correction

Everyone is talking about LASIK. The "Wow!" effect of Lasik is the very rapid recovery of vision and the decreased level of discomfort post-operatively. You hear from people that they did not feel anything, and could see well the very first day. Most people have functional vision in 24-48 hours. Although this is true in some cases, it must be noted that each person will heal at a different rate. Vision, although greatly improved immediately after surgery, continues to improve for some weeks, even months. Everyones eyes are different. Even though you may have had a friend who has had LASIK, it does not mean it is right for you. If you are interested in refractive eye surgery, we will be happy to guide you in picking the right surgeon, procedure and laser appropriate for you. We can provide you with information about the newest types of laser surgery. For many of you who are long-term contact lens wearers our pre-operative input can make the difference between an excellent result and a mediocre one.
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Red Eyes, Eye Infections, Eye Injuries

Our office provides emergency services for red eyes, eye infections and Eye Injuries including foreign body removal. First Aid Treatment for eye injuries includes thorough flushing of the eye with water in cases of chemicals or foreign bodies on the eye surface. All Doctors at Vision Care Centers of Hawaii are State Board Certified to prescribe eye medications. Treatment may include eye medications and supportive care. Follow-up visits to monitor your recovery will be scheduled as needed. We welcome routine and emergency eye exams and are happy to provide written reports to your physician for any of these conditions:

  • Conjunctivitis/Pink Eye Symptoms may include red, sore eyes, watery eyes, itchy eyes, mucous discharge, and sensitivity to light. Red eyes may be caused by virus, allergy, bacteria, toxins, trauma or sometimes, an internal eye inflammation. All red, painful eyes should be evaluated by your eye doctor.

  • Styes/Chalazion Symptoms for a stye may include a swollen, tender-to-touch eye lid, or with a chalazion, which may look like a stye, the lump may not be tender or sore. Never squeeze a lump on the eye lid. Call your doctor for advice or an appointment.

  • Yellowish Bumps/Red Growths A yellowish or white bump or red, fleshy growth on the white of the eye should be evaluated with the use of a slit lamp microscope. Protecting your eyes with ultraviolet absorbing sunglasses may prevent pingueculae or pterygium growth.
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    Internal Eye Diseases

    During the course of your eye examination, we will dilate your pupil and use special instruments to evaluate the internal health of your eyes including dilated retinal fundus exam. We are happy to provide a written report of our findings to your family physician. Should our examination reveal the presence of any external or internal eye disease requiring further evaluation or treatment such as cataract surgery, we will direct you to several of the leading medical or surgical consultants here in Hawaii. The four leading causes of diminished or lost vision that may lead to blindness are:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Macular Degeneration

    Early detection of these conditions may prevent serious loss of vision. New studies indicate that proper diet and good healthy nutrition play an important role in preventing a number of eye diseases including macular degeneration.
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